CBWV has a program for the new generation of leaders in your bank.  These bankers need to be progressive, technology-smart, legislatively informed, community minded and knowledgeable of what their competition is doing.  In addition, our future bankers must become experts at marketing themselves, as well as their bank products and services.  They must become LEADERS, not only among their industry peers, but in their communities as well.  The CBWV Leadership Banker Development Program will prepare today’s independent bank leader with the necessary skills to ensure bank profitability.  The Leadership Development Program will provide its members the opportunity to develop lifetime business relationships with the best and brightest people in community banking in West Virginia! For more information, please contact Donna at dtanner39@wvacb.com


  • How will the Leadership Banker Development Program benefit your bankers?
  • Provide access to tremendous network of community bankers with a vast background of knowledge and experience who are willing to share it in a non competitive environment
  • Reinforcing the importance of the community banking philosophy and the importance of that philosophy not only to our industry, but to our local communities.
  • Offering enhanced perspective of the importance of CBWV’s legislative efforts in WV and Washington and how best to communicate with elected officials.