Since 1998, the FDIC’s Atlanta Region has supported and participated in Directors’ College programs throughout the southeast. This program is an important part of supporting and maintaining healthy community banks. This program is designed for those directors that have not gone through our previous Directors College programs.  CBWV along with the FDIC and the Division of Financial Institutions has presented an annual Directors College for the past 10 years.
The Directors’ College is a program designed for the director that has not been through our previous Directors’ College programs.  The purpose of the college is to educate new directors about their responsibilities. This program will help directors gain a better understanding of their overall duties and responsibilities and better prepare them for the increasing challenges and complexities that are   evolving in the financial services market place.  The program will also give directors new insight into bank operations and provide them the opportunity to interact with regulators and review bank activities from a regulatory perspective. After participating in the program, directors will be better able to fulfill their overall fiduciary obligations and provide a higher level of service to their respective communities.